Every success comes the struggle. And just like every other student it is no secret that problems come when maintaining grades. From rushed projects to difficult activities. The only way to make life lighter is to enjoy.

February 6 to February 10 was no ordinary week. It was busy but at the same time it was fun. We were told that will be posting a blog  for two-week activities so we planned everything and loved talking things for the blog! Our teacher in Contemporary Arts assigned us to different groups and we were tasked to prepare for a creative drama with one day allotted time. Fortunately, we were able to overcome it and performed the drama well. Well done for every group! The first session of swimming lessons in Physical Education started and everyone was excited and at the same time nervous, well yes, some were afraid of water. But, so far, everyone enjoyed and even turned the kiddie pool to a party pool.

These are just some of the activities that made us laugh and enjoy. These are the kinds of activities that teaches the students to not only learn from books but also from experiences. In conclusion let me first quote this from J.K Rowling “It does not do well to dwell on dreams and forget to live” although we strive to achieve success the best part of learning is to fail and have fun.



“Because the people who think they’re crazy enough to change the world are the once who do” This is a quote taken from the movie “Jobs” by Steve Jobs himself. This highly touched my heart and is now one of our source motivation.

February 13 to February 17 was full of events.

At first, we welcomed the AFS exchange students from Paraguay and Costa Rica that will be staying at Leyte National High School for quite a long time. Then it was Valentine’s day where in some of us from section Orange gave hearts as a symbol of our love for others and to prove that Valentine’s day is not only for lovers but also for our classmates, friends, family, and loved ones. We, then performed a role play in Empowerment Technology about each role of the members of Web Development Team. The arrival of the Japanese exchange students that proved the Filipino’s hospitality, where in a special presentations were prepared, from festival dances, musicals, dance numbers and long speeches. Unfortunately, they only stayed for three day here in Tacloban. It would be more fun if they stayed a little longer.

It was a fun week and at the same time tiring. We have to meet some deadlines so we were busy with school works. But the events in the school and with the visitors, we enjoyed the week with colorful blast!



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